“Fishing for Butterflies & Bourgeoisie” (2016) by Max Kazemzadeh


“Fishing for Butterflies & Bourgeoisie” (2016) by Max Kazemzadeh was an interactive installation with an artificial firefly created using Arduino, an Ultrasonic Rangefinder, an ultrabright multicolor LED, and an altered computer fan tethered to a steel suspended rod that would fly, light up with different colors, and bounce around using the natural weight and physics surrounding the movement of the interactive firefly object which would activate when anyone approached it.was installed in the Linda Jordan Gallery on Gallaudet University’s campus in the Washburn Arts Building in Fall 2016 for the faculty exhibition. Also depicted is Art & Media Design student Devaron Scott.

"Fishing for Butterflies & Bourgeoisie" (2016) by Max Kazemzadeh from max kazemzadeh on Vimeo.

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