Code, Dance and Draw Workshop at the Royal Academy of Art in the Hague, Netherlands (12/14)

Under the guidance of Interactive Media teacher Lauren Alexander and professor / programme director of Art & Media Design at Gallaudet University in Washington (US), Max Kazemzadeh, the Graphic Design department of the Royal Academy of Art is currently giving an introduction to the possibilities of interactive open-source software and robotics.

Workshop student blogs documenting the process and outcome of Code, Dance and Draw Workshop:
Jan and Jaap

Joany, Rafael, John and Martijn

Jana, Eva and Caitlin
Lisa, Lisa and Ali
Elena, Janne and Jorick
Laura and Ada
Caroline and Joelle
Zineb and Jean Marie
Caio. Gabor and Amir
Charlotte, Christina and Veerle
Eveline, Naomi and Sanne
Octavia and Hae Won
Debora and Stephanie
Maxime and Luc
Pauline and Marlen

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