Exhibited at the MCentral Inaugural Weekend Exhibition & Ball

Photos from the MCentral’s Millinial Trains Inaugural Weekend Exhibition & Ball with my computer vision installation called “The other side of the tracks,” where one participant becomes a prince(w/a crown & chest of gold) and the other a pauper(w/a paupers hat and an empty paper plate). An animated train moves its horizontal position to always separate the two participants. In the background one can hear the Jefferson’s tv show sound track “Well we’re moving in up…” When the two people physically move close together, the system detects it and text appears reading “you’ve successfully crossed the tracks”

59533_10151425189056420_1314488926_n 76992_10151425191716420_526887404_n 428250_10151423483191420_664962121_n 734906_10151422802196420_1983805749_n 530602_10151423478571420_491792951_n 304271_10151423437306420_23613606_n 481153_10151417951436420_1485254958_n

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