Submerge Art Fair DC – exhibiting both Antisocialbots and Jabbertalkey

I was invited to exhibit works at the 2012 Submerge Art Fair at 700 H St. NE, Washington DC this week, so I installed an older project called Antisocialbots, which are 3 little 5 inch tall robots that turn away and plays a sound sequence when someone approaches each of them. They also turn away from eachother. After they turn they check again to see how far something is and then turns and plays another sound. If the person or object the antisocialbot is responding to is under 5 inches away, it turns away in a certain way. if that person is betwen 5-10 inches away then it behaves a different way, and so on, up to about 6 feet.
As funny little creatures, collectively they begin to form a kind of interwoven sound space using these responsive sound bytes. The motors also have rhythmic sound.
I also installed Jabbertalkey into the space, which is
The first day of submerge, last Friday, 2000 people showed. Saturday night 1500 people showed. Last night the group threw a comedy night with art and music. Tomorrow, Friday Nov. 16 will have yet another party, followed by another on Saturday, Nov. 17.

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