Maker Faire NYC Sept 17th

Maker Faire is listed as being the World’s Largest DIY Festival – a two-day, family-friendly event to MAKE, create, learn, invent, CRAFT, recycle, think, play and be inspired by celebrating arts, crafts, engineering, food, music, science and technology.

It was a great time. I was able to see old friends Jonah Brucker-Cohen, Zach Lieberman and more, and make new ones like Tom Igoe and Carrie Mae Rose. Zach’s talk was great about kinect hacking, openFrameworks and the open source community, and there were tons of great hardware systems. One in particular was a mini breadboard with a multicolored led that randomly changed color when a miniature spring mounted one millimeter away from a surface contact was inserted into dice, and when you rolled the dice, the spring would bounce off of the contact surface and change the color of the light. Also, due to very little space, the light from led was amplified by being reflected off of the back of the battery. Great design. (They were trying to release it as a product so no photos of it) There are photos of the faire though, below.


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