Went to Valencia, Spain to participate in the Conboi a la Fresca Farm/Intervention


Conboi a la Fresca is a collaboration of a number of architecture collectives around Spain and Valencia to establish a collection of oases from abandoned spaces in the center of old town Valencia. The first space shown in the photo is on a foundation of Roman ruins, which has been excavated. Over the course of the week, a number of plants were planted into the crevaces of the stones of the ruin. Artists, farmers, and cooks from around Spain also participated in the preparing and planting of the farm. There were also “tankers” or large trash cans that were converted into large pots for growing vegetables….others that were converted into mobile cooking platforms, and others that were turned into music DJ booths. There was a dome constructed where a street circus inhabited and performed everyday. Toward the end of the week some of the vegetables from the farm were prepared into food and sold here. The first space, the one in the photo, is the first space to be developed and will be maintained by the architecture collective in Valencia. Others still need approval.


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