Taught a “Computer Vision and Intelligent Space Workshop with Processing/Arduino” at CAFA Beijing


After the MARK Skateboards Party in Austin, Texas I drove to Dallas where I flew to Beijing, China where I taught an “Computer Vision & Intelligent Space” Workshop with Processing and Arduino at the Central Academy of Fine Art to a group of 16+ Digital Media Art MFA students. I say 16+ because the number fluctuated due to the students many other courses and responsibilities. I taught coding in Processing over 3 weeks, giving tutorials everyday, assigning homework, and showing examples from artists using a particular coding technique, focused on preparing the students to develop computer vision installations that also had Arduino extensions. Towards the end of the second week students were more of less able to independently customize computer vision experiences using Processing. The last week I taught Firmata to extend the Processing project to physical input and output with the Arduino (using the collection of Arduino’s that the department had). The final day all students did custom spatial interactive installations that filled the Digital Media Art Department. The Digital Media Department Director, Professor Ma Gang, and artist Feng Mengbo, came through to witness all of the installations.


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