Served as a Collaborator at Medialab Prado’s Visualizar ’11

I’ve been participating in Medialab Prado’s Workshops and events from Interactivos to AV Lab for a few years now. This was my first experience with the Visualizar event. It was great experience. The projects had much to do with what many know as visual information systems, scraping data from a source and finding creative ways to visualize that data. The environment is very organic, where people in the beginning jump from project to project, and then again at the end when trouble shooting and cleaning code. The project I worked most on was a project by Tian Li from Beijing, which was an extension of the RE:FARM project of Hernani Dias. The project was an Android phone app that connected people who were hungry with eachother and with urban farmers in an urban environment through their cell phones. The project started as “I am hungry, what do I do next” and ended as “RE:FARM-OSE:Open Source Eating.” There were quite a few people in the group, but I did most of the technical implementation of the app using PhoneGap, Eclipse, the Android SDK, and the ADT plugin thanks to the advice of Massimo (Max in Italiano). After someone who, let’s say, had tomatoes and wanted lettuce, does a search for people who have lettuce in the close proximity in the city, they would get a map with points representing people and urban farms with a lettuce surplus in Open Street Maps. They would then touch screen one point get the phone number for that person, call them and organize a place to meet to exchange or share for lunch.



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