Mark Skateboards Launch Party in Austin, Texas Fri, May 20 7:30-11p


Come to the Launch Party for a cool time before it gets tooo hot this summer…
There will be skateboards, music, hangin out, swag, drinks, american sign language and good times May 20th 7:30p-11p.
Will be fun times so come to Industry Screenprint Studio in Austin, Texas at 618 C Tillery Street, Austin, TX 78702. is the site if you get lost, you might be able to call them… 512.963.4161


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  1. Rhoda C. Redman says:

    MAAAAXXXX! I have a good friend who lives in Austin that I’ve been planning to visit. Just missed this. Well, jeepers, If I’d known that the great Kazemzadeh had a happening in Austin this weekend, I would’ve planned more appropriately… Wellness & blessings to you, one of the more interesting people that I’ve known! – Rhoda, the chick who worked in MFA/DT at Parsons

    1. emedia says:

      cool Rhoda, sorry i missed you. you in austin now?

      1. Rhoda says:

        Hi Max. Hope you are well and still changing the world… Actually, I still live in NY.

      2. Rhoda says:

        Were you there for SxSW or Eeyore’s Birthday in April?

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