Matt Brooks iPhone, Max/MSP, Cinema4D + Unity (3D)

One of my students Matt Brooks, aka vjanomolee is working on an iPhone app with Max/MSP, Cinema 4D, Unity, and Unity 3D in a project called “iSensorii.” It’s really come a long way, and will be installed with the second installment of my student’s exhibition in the Center for Creative Connections at the Dallas Museum of Art. Check it out…

iSensorii Alpha- iPhone interaction from VJ Anomolee on Vimeo.


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  1. VJ Anomolee says:

    Thanks for the post Max.
    Appreciate your support. You mentioned liking the voice in the video because it accentuated the speed changes, That voice is actually text I took from a speech Stephen Hawking made in Japan titled “The Beginning of Time” wherein he talks about how mankind needs to colonize other planets. I just wrote a script to convert the text into an audio file using OSX’s built in voices.
    p.s. You spelt my last name wrong its Brooks no “e” like there is in Your media.

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