Presentation @ Dorkbot DC @ HacDC

I will be giving a presentation in September @ the next Dorkbot DC/HacDC on my work and PHD Research, maybe including a short tutorial in Processing or OpenFrameworks: -and-
(Please note that the set date was August, however, my presentation was moved to the September meeting).

If you haven’t checked out Dorkbot DC which is now meeting at HacDC, you really are missing a world of creative technological experimentation happening in the Washington, DC area.

Subtitling themselves “People doing Strange Things with Electricity,” Dorkbot is an international collection of identically labeled groups around the world that meet monthly to share creations and discoveries with technology. Each group has its own individual identity and collection of interests, and the DC group ranges from Artists, Medical Data Systems Engineers, Hardware/Software Musicians, Computer Programmers, Technology Researchers, Laser Makers, and Robotics Engineers to Chemists.

Also, for Gallaudet students interested in becoming more actively involved in either Dorkbot DC or Hacdc, they expressed a strong interest in and are already searching for a list of Geeky ASL interpreters that would be able to be at the presentations and events. So, do attend!
db_dc & hacdc HacDC


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