My UNT New Media Art Students Exhibit at DMA

In the beginning of July, my New Media Art students at the University of North Texas: College of Visual Arts & Design, mounted an exhibition called “Materials & Meanings” at the Dallas Museum of Art in the Center for Creative Connections (C3) displaying their digital and electronic media based creations. These works include Computer Vision, Augmented Reality, Robotics and Kinetics, Microcontrollers, Sensors, and Raw Materials to create a room of wonder and include the students: Matt Brooks, Brent Bullion, Caitlin Christian, Christina Day, Eric Flye, Jesse Gomez, Joe Holland, Melody Lopez, Donna Lord, Harold Mateos, Tiffany McCrea, Justin Pierce, Eric-Sharif Rabah, Arash Sahba, and Sean Welch

Surrounding this exhibition was an Arduino workshop for the museum visitors completely run by the students, and coordinated by Sean Welch, Brett Bullion, with help from Justin Pierce, and Matt Brookes. In addition there were 2 public informal discussions regarding Emergent, Electronic, and Digital Technology as medium for expression, paneled by the students.

I believe the exhibition will be up until November 2009 so if you are in Dallas stop by!


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