Day 2(Sunday) and Day 3 of Interactivos ’08 Mexico

Today is Monday, Day 3 of Interactivos. For i.m.pshovr collaborators, Sunday Day 2, the Centro Multimedia was closed, which allowed us to devote our time to installing and getting more familiar with the openframeworks (OF) software, looking for hardware or physical objects that might be needed for controlling the vibrating mirror that will shake entire digital projection when “Mr. Pixel” (the virtual interactive character on screen) falls in the pushover environment.
Right now we have an openframeworks file by julio that records the physical participant in the greenscreen environment and stores that content in a folder on the hard drive. We have some blob detection software that originated from a sample file that zach developed which was taken further by Mauro, i am working on collision between the blob object (ie. the real participant) and the virtual recorded video of Mr. Pixel, Edgar is working on the pacing of the .mov file back and forth across the screen. So the production is underway.
Some really nice solutions were Mauro came up with the idea to use blob detection with the recording green screen room, so that we can limit the size of the .mov to the maximum width of the character. We also realized that by recording a quicktime .mov rather than numerous images, we could have fewer files to deal with, and we could create the alpha channel (transparent background) in each movie immediately when we display it on screen.


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