i.m.now.@.interactivos’08.mexico.technologies of laughter


the ten invited artists are now in the process of giving presentations about their projects to see if interactivos invited collaborators would like to get involved. i just presented my “i.m.pshovr” project. about 70 people are here now. it is almost noon, we begun at 10:20am. one of the female artists named leo, short for leonor is talking about her project which investigates whether a computer can be tickled.
we all presented on one computer, which required that we put our presentations images and video on one computer system.
i arrived last night in mexico city via airport….and since i had so much technology they stopped me and tried to make me pay $200 tax, then i talked with them and they dropped it to $60, then i talked with them and they dropped it to $30. in the end the boss came with a security guard and made me come with him to the bank and i talked with him and he made me pay $22.50 in the end. the whole interaction took over an hour. i made it to the hostel virreyes after a $19 taxi ride of 20 minutes. i talked with one of my roommates Hector while dozing off, then went downstairs to get internet access where i saw my buddy zachary lieberman (present fellow at eyebeam in new york), marcos and laura (medialab madrid team), and alejandro tamayo (media artist, coorganizer of interactivos from bogota).
i will need to get some photos and upload in my next post.


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