“Interactivos: Vision Play” Medialab-Prado Madrid and Sonar Festival Barcelona

I was invited as a collaborator for the 2008 Medialab-Prado (previously Medialab-Madrid) event called “Interactivos: Vision Play” focusing on 10 projects devoted to computer vision processes. I worked on the development of two projects, 360 Score with Phillip Chatelain and Spiral Sunrise with Esther Polak.

>>>360 Score is made up from Augmenting pixel-paintings that are converted to sound with scanning devices interacted with by the public. These paintings and environments have a defined structure and colors. They are made of enlarged clusters of pixels and can be adapted in any space size without loosing their aspect. Although the general structure appears as fixed, the physical position of users, their way of moving when using the device while scanning graphics, will be combined to the informations contained in the pixel-paintings as effective parameters. Color (luminosity, saturation, hue) is mapped into sound parameters (tone, volume, timbre).
360º score
>>>Spiral Sunrise is a way to Visualize the sunrise
The potential of solar power will set a small robot (carrier) in motion, that has an open sandglass on board. As soon as the robot starts moving, a line of sand will be drawn. As the sand runs steadily, the thickness of the line will be determined by the speed of the robot. The higher the sun will raise, the faster the robot runs. The robot will be tied to a 10 cm thick pole by a rope and thus drive in circles around the pole. By its circular movement it will either wind or unwind the rope, and thus draw a spiral.
esther polak

A few projects from Medialab-Prado were invited to exhibit at the Sonar Festival in Barcelona immediately following the Medialab-Prado Exhibition. I went to Barcelona to offer support to the projects included in Sonar Festival.

This year Medialab-Prado has expanded from 1 Interactivos event to 4….taking place in Madrid, Lima, Manhattan, and Mexico. In addition to working as a collaborator at Interactivos in Madrid, I have been invited to bring i.m.pshovr (2008) to be expanded at Interactivos in Mexico.<p>
i.m.pshovr - Max Kazemzadeh
i.m.pshovr is an intimate and public experience that encapsulates each of our weaknesses, vulnerabilities, and failures in one humbling gesture of being pushed over. “i.m.pshovr” seeks to magnify symbolically, the gesture of pushing another person down, to gradually arrive at some slight semblance of empathy. It is an interactive piece that involves a computer, projector, webcam and custom software to welcome the viewer to physically interact with a virtual pacing character on screen. Interacting with the character in different ways pushes the character over in different ways.
Below is the proposed expanded installation that creates a community of digital virtual characters in the “pshovr” installation environment, recorded real-time in the green screen/background-subtraction installation area.<p>

Some photos of the Medialab Madrid Event are attached:


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