Solo Exhibition at Collin County College Gallery

expresslocal_cover171.jpg medialab_performance2.jpg
Max Kazemzadeh: express & local
[Exhibition run Jan. 16-Feb. 10th, 2007 : Opening performance Thurs. Jan 25th, 6 PM]
Express & Local is an interactive installation with projection and sound revolving around the decision and experience of choosing and traveling on the express or local subway lines in transit. Max will put on an interactive software/hardware performance at the opening reception as part of the exhibition, with the help of two of his students Jon Snyder and Matthieu Brookes who formed their own hacker band “Toybox,” and performed at Texelectronica ’06 at The Museum of Modern Art in Fort Worth.


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  1. StepheyAnney123 says:

    What an interesting show this was. Thank you for the lovely entertainment. Can’t wait to see what’s next!

  2. Frances Bruil says:

    poulse ette frate councilado self igast ter poul it, el uod kouöl pril artlout magazin online ( gerted pal palours ge, dret fre drois ar droiser, graaz frut pul be gropiu blik artlout contemporary art, birm il fruw blek at il fre blur it glow. pal sydro prevet.

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