Texelectronica Symposium Complete

society panel with helen evans, carmin karasic, zhang ga Monique Hebert, me, and models wearing couture gowns designed by Monique models in texelectronica wear monique hebert in couture gown she designed for texelectronica janek shaefer Frank DuFour presents in the Persona Session Helen Evans presents in Society Session Zhang Ga Presentation in Society Session Carmin Karasic Presentation in Society Session o’bar kickoff event afterparty Max Kazemzadeh, Pierrette Lacour, and Joel Savary (French Cultural Attache) Carmin Karasic and John Losey Karen Milnes, Yaobin, and Robert Milnes resting after day 1 symposium on the ft. worth modern front lawn after day 1 symposium on the ft. worth modern front lawn
Texelectronica 2006 (SPIN) Symposium was a success, including 12 participating artists from around the world: China, England, Sweden, France, New York, Los Angeles, and more. There were symposium talks, great performances, exhibitions, and more around the Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex. I would like to thank all of the participating artists which included: Zhang Ga, Carmin Karasic, HeHe (Helen Evans and Heiko), Li Tan, Frank DuFour, Josephine Durkin, David Bithell, Janek Schaefer, Casey Reas, Yao bin, Paul Slocum, Dean Terry, Bayou Bennett, Jonah Brucker-Cohen, Toybox, the 12 Inch Pimps, Jonny 5, Artificiel, Ryan Humphrey, Washboard Leo, and fashion designer Monique Hebert, who created Texelectronica couture gowns and tops for the festival. I would like to thank the additional presenters Terry Thornton, Robert Milnes, Tom Linehan, and Joel Savary.
I would like to thank everyone who was not only involved in the preparation, planning, exhibition setup/take down, driving artists around town, but also sacrificed their time, personal comfort, and gasoline for the success of this event, including: Robert and Karen Milnes, Andy Holtin, Jesse English, John Losey, Christos Polemenakos, Matthieu Brookes, Raechel Langmack, and Kevin Willoughby.
I would like to thank the participating venues which include the Museum of Modern Art Fort Wort, the University of North Texas Ft. Worth Artspace, the And/Or Gallery, Road Agent Gallery, Fuse, O’Bar, House of Dang.

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  1. robo says:

    dude, reduce the image sizes. The thumbnails are full-rez images from your camera. Guess you don’t do much net-art…

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