Gave Artist Talk, Workshop and Performance at Medialab Madrid

dsc_0293.JPG hardware performance attendees afterparty gema, kike, gustavo, laura, leonor
Medialab Madrid which is made up of an amazing creative group of electronic media artists, intellects, and movers & shakers, invited me to give a presentation on my work and research in a talk called “Low Cost Phyical Computing,” a workshop, and a performance in the AV Lab (Audio Visual Synthesis Lab). The group includes Marcos Garcia, Laura, Gustavo, Kike, Sonia, Paqui, Monica, Miquel, Raul, Antia, Jorge, Azucena, Daniel, Angela, and Leonor, who made my stay there enjoyable and my presentations successful. Medialab Madrid is located in the huge beautiful government office compound of the Conde Duque (Count Duke) located in the center of Madrid. The Medialab Madrid will be going through some changes soon, forming a larger group called Intermedia.
My friend Zachary Lieberman presented and gave workshops there in the past.


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