French Embassy sent me to Paris, France (photos to come)

The French Embassy invited me to Paris, France between April 23-29th as a visitor of the state, with three objectives…

1. As an Artist:
To share my personal artwork with Galleries, Museums, and Universities.

2. As a Professor building an Electronic Media Art Program:
To establish connections between UNT SoVA and French Universities, with Professorial and Student Educational and Exhibition Exchanges.

3. As a curator/organizer of Texelectronica:
To find artists, researchers, scholars, and theorists to participate in the upcoming Texelectronica Exhibition/Symposium taking place at the Ft. Worth Art Museum.

My agenda included the following meetings and studio visits (The French Embassy kindly provided an interpretor and a chauffer):

MONDAY April 24, 2006

9:35am – Met Interpretor Mr. Lago Rivera at the Airport who took me to l’Hotel Le Royal in Paris where I would stay.

2:00pm – Met artist M. Martin Le Chevallier and reviewed/discussed his artwork.

5:00pm – Met artist M. Jacques Perconte and reviewed/discussed his artwork.

7:00pm – Met with electronic media artist duo HeHe (Mme Helen Evans and M. Heiko) at Ars Longa and reviewed/discussed their work with them. Attended an art opening / evening of digital performance at Ars Longa, a gallery located at 67 Ave. Parmentier, Paris

10:00pm – Went to Senegaleze restaurant with Jacques Perconte and the interpretor to discuss work further.


TUESDAY April 25, 2006

10:00am – Breakfast

12:00noon – Visited the Palais de Tokyo and prepared for meeting with the directors of Le Pavillion artist Residency.

2:00pm – Met Directors of Le Pavillion, Christian Merlhiot and Sumiko Oe-Gottini. Le Pavillion is a progressive collaborative artist residency within the Palais de Tokyo. Many of the projects that come out of the residency are then exhibited at the Palais de Tokyo. We discussed the possibility of the participation of Le Pavillion collaborative to participate and to maybe have a separate exhibition space/venue at Texelectronica ’06 and ’07. We will be discussing this via email in the weeks to come. Christian Merlhiot introduced me to work by Benjamin Martin, an previous resident who works innovatively with new analog and digital media.

4:00-6:00pm – Met with Mme. Caroline Bourgeois, the Director of “Le Plateau” art center. Mme. Caroline Bourgeois once served as a buyer for Francois Pinault’s video artworks before becoming a prominent curator and art center director.

7:00pm – Met with artist Olga Kisseleva at her home/studio to review her work, concepts and processes.


WEDNESDAY April 26, 2006

10:00am – Arrive at ENSAD Art University, the Ecole Nationale Superieure des Arts Decoratifs. Meet with the ENSAD Director’s assistant Mme. Nathalie Foucher-Battais.

11:00am – Meet with M. Patrick Raynaud, the ENSAD Director, and tour the facilities. We discussed the possibility of establishing professorial and student exchanges between ENSAD and UNT SoVA.

11:45am – Meet with Christophe Kihm, independent curator with Center de Pompidou, Le Fresnoy Professor, and Chief Editor of Art Press Magazine, at The Marly Restaurant in The Louvre Museum.

3:00-5:00pm – Meet Mme Victoire Dubruel, the director of Ecole Superieure d’arts de Rueil-Malmaison, at her home to discuss the possibilities of establishing professor/student educational, residency, and exhibition exchanges. We will continue discussing via email.

6:00pm – Meet with Gerard Polit, the director of the art and technology program at the University Paris 1 to discuss collaboration on Texelectronica, professor/student educational, exhibition exchanges, and to review his work and research as an artist working with technology, programming, and media.

9:00pm – Go with Gerard Polit and Meet Olga Kisselva at the Palais de Tokyo (open until midnight), to see the exhibition, which was followed by discussion and coffee in the Palais de Tokyo restaurant.


THURSDAY April 27, 2006

7:58am – Depart with Train in Paris to Roubaix, at the Gare du Nord (North Rail), for Le Fresnoy art foundation, residency, institute.

9:28am – Meet with Mme. Michele Vilbert, a faculty member and administrator of international relations at Le Fresnoy, which is the French equivalent of ZKM in Germany. Discussions revolved around professorial/student educational exchanges and participation in Texelectronica.

10:30am – Met with Le Fresnoy Residency Professor Kurt Hentschlager, an internationally renown artist from Germany who presently lives in New Jersey, USA.

11:30am – Meet with Christopher Kihm at Le Fresnoy in his office to discuss further collaboration and exhibition possibilities with his future curatorial projects.

12:30pm – Go to lunch with Christophe Kihm and Kurt Hentschlager.

2:36pm – Depart with Train in Roubaix to Paris.

4:30pm – Visit galleries around the Center de Pompidou that represent artists recommended by Joel Savary. visited gallery Emmanuel Perrotin for an exhibition of artist group “Kolkoz.” Afterwards I attended an exhibition opening at Yvon Lambert, Anne de Villepoix who previously exhibited works by Miguel Chevalier, and Cent8.

7:30pm – Met Miguel Chevalier at his home. He took me to his expansive studio to view a number of experimental electronic media interactive artworks, grant projects, public installations, etc.

11:00pm – Had dinner with Miguel Chevalier and his wife (who owns Cartel Paris) at their home. We discussed Texelectronica, future projects, and I shared my work with him.


FRIDAY April 28, 2006

8:15am – Olga Kisselva set up a meeting for me to meet the director of the Museum of Modern Art which is next door to the Palais de Tokyo in connected buildings. We discussed his idea for an upcoming exhibition that revolved around interactive media and gaming that i could participate in. We also discussed how they could participate in Texelectronica. The director walked me through the Pierre Huyghe exhibition and we will continue discussions via email.

10:00am – Meet M. Jerome Delormas, the Director of Le Ferme de Buisson, a center of contemporary art and residency focused on new and emergent media. He will be leaving soon to become the director of Le Scene Nationale de Valence (Drome), a large cultural center/complex with theaters and exhibition halls. Delormas was previously the director of the French Institute in Kyoto, Japan, as well as the director of the French Institute in Bilbao during the construction of Frank Gehry’s Guggenheim Project.

12:00noon – Met with Trafik at Le Ferme de Buisson, a group of 4 artists and programmers who were the present artists in residence there to discuss their possible participation in Texelectronica.

3:45pm – Met with Thierry Coduys, the director of La Kitchen which is an artist/engineering company focused on the development of creative projects for the community as well as for artists. Coduys was a beta tester for MSP of Max/MSP and worked at the Pompidou Center for the IRCAM during the development of Max/MSP. Coduys has worked with numerous prominent artists and is presently developing hardware and software tools for artists/musicians, offering services to artists, and building public art fund projects.

4:30pm – Visit Galleries on the Left Bank of the River Senne.

6:00pm – Meet the director Mme Annie Agopian of the Centre d’art de Montreuil, an art center and curatorial residency. Discussed collaboration with Texelectronica, discussed exhibition exchanges, and showed her my work.

7:00pm – Meet the present curator in residence and critic, Mme Emily Renard, and attended the art opening she curated with artists from Scotland, New York, Ireland, and Pierre Huyghe. At the opening I met the artist representing Scotland in the 2003 Venice Biennale and discussed Texelectronica and professorial/exhibition possibilities in Scotland.

9:00pm – Went out to dinner with artists, curators, staff, and visitors from the opening.


SATURDAY April 29, 2006

8:00am – Went to the airport and returned to the US.


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    What an exciting trip! Post pictures soon!

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