Exhibited “Gesture Coordinates” in “Driver” Exhibition

Check out rhizome.org for a short review of the Driver exhibition at the Bath House. Following the “Moving Pictures: Digital Paintings” exhibition at the Dallas Center Contemporary Art, “Driver” surfaces at the Bath House Cultural Center on White Rock Lake in Dallas as a collective group of artist’s exploring electronic media quite differently. Artists are from University of North Texas, The University of Texas at Dallas, and at large. The show runs from January 14th-February 4th, 2006. Since the opening was so well attended, curator Mary Benedicto is considering to have a closing reception too.
Work by Trish Igo from UNT Collaborative work by Tim Stokes and another UTD Grad student gesture coordinates

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  1. visitor says:

    The opening had quite a number of people in attendance. Also, a band that played with John Cage in the 80’s performed at the opening. Check out flicker for more images…

  2. Current Student says:

    Great job, Mr, Kazemzadeh. The blog looks great and your blogging is beautiful. I applaud you.

  3. emedia says:

    if you like motors, then you should check out Jameco.com. There’s a sale.

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